Peter Williams

Business and community manager

I am the spokesperson of Blue Portal. I am responsible for business and communication.

Gary Andrews

The main programmer of the password hacker

The guy in the boiler room. He literally handles the entire password hacker on his own.

The beginning

Peter and Hary met when they both studied. It was in this time where Gary started getting into hacking, specifically Facebook hacking. During the next few years he developed the rough model of what is today the Blue Portal Facebook password hacker. Peter saw business potential in this and so, Peter and Gary joined forces.

Working hard

While Gary worked hard on perfecting his Facebook hacker, mainly through Graph API exploits, Peter worked on designing the site as well as defining the business model. As expected, no investors wanted to get in on the action so Peter funded the operation by his own pocket. Eventually, in 2014, Blue Portal was launched and quickly got massive public attention.

The roles

Gary is still working hard to keep the FB hacker intact and working despite the various patches done by Facebook. Peter keeps working with advertisers to maximize the revenue potential as well as the customer satisfaction.

This was merely a quick introduction to the history behind the founders of Blue Portal. We will gradually update this section as more stuff goes down the time line.