General Facebook Hacking Techniques and Tricks

First things first. Hacking is not okay. It’s pretty much illegal in many, if not every place around the globe. Having said that, it shouldn’t stop you from trying to learn everything you can about the current practices so you can safeguard yourself and your accounts, right?

So, to start things off, let’s discuss the most common Facebook hacks. After all, there’s already a billion Facebook accounts if their report is to be believed. Chances are, yours is one of those one billion. You should know these then.

1. Facebook Phishing Attack

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A ton of persons are hacking Facebook

Phishing is by far the easiest and most popular among the Facebook hacking methods. Try Googling Facebook hacks and it’s always there among the top page results. There are so many web sites that will tell you how to do it and an equal number of them showing you how to protect yourself from it.

2. Facebook Hack Using Keyloggers and RAT’s

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“Facebook password cracker” is a term we hear more and more often

Keylogging basically works by recording all the keystrokes on a victim’s computer and sending the data to the destination identified by the hacker. The hacker then sifts through the information to find the Facebook password he needs to access the account.

If you’re an advanced hacker, your weapon of choice is a keylogger. It’s a bit more complicated than phishing because it requires the hacker to download a hacking tool and then to create a keylogger before sending it to the intended victim. It can be a long process and that’s why it’s only second in popularity among Facebook hacking methods. The downside to keylogging is it’s a bit unsecured. Remember you’re also downloading software to get it to work. The same software may contain spyware and compromise your own system, not just the victim’s.

Some hackers therefore, choose to gain physical access to the victim’s computer to install the keylogger directly. From there, they just direct the logs of the keystrokes to another destination.

3. Primary Email Address Hack

hacking facebook account online free

Individuals are constantly trying to find original means to hack a Facebook account

Facebook usually asks for an email address and password for you to be able to log in. Therefore, one of the easier ways to get into another person’s Facebook account is by simply gaining access to that information. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Unless a person is missing a few bolts, he won’t necessarily be forthcoming with his info to a perfect stranger, would he?

However, this method really isn’t very complicated at all. A hacker can simply know your primary email address and then use the “Forgot Password” trick. This will prompt the social network to send a reset email to your primary email address. This is one of the reasons why you should never share your primary email passwords with anyone. And on that note, do not use a password that’s very easy to guess, either.

4. Guessing Passwords

Social engineering is the method of retrieving passwords by the simple act of guessing what it is. Additionally, you can also get into the account without guessing the password but by answering the security questions on the account instead.

Guessing passwords may sound like a waste of time. But it’s easier than most would think. Why? Because many people use the same passwords, and variations thereof, on all their accounts. Really, if you know someone well enough, you can probably hazard a pretty good guess of what his Facebook password may be.

Here are a few of the more common passwords used by Facebook account holders. (Let’s be honest, these people probably use them for all their other online accounts, too.) It’s safe to wager that at least one of your friends is using any one of these.

• their mobile number

• their significant other’s mobile number

• their previous mobile number (if he’s not as dense as he initially appears to be)

• his name

• his significant other’s name

• a mix of his and the significant other’s names

• date of birth (his or the SO’s or a mix of the two)

• favorite movie

• favorite cartoon character

• favorite band

• favorite celebrity (or in many cases, the her name with the favorite celebrity’s last name)

• any favorite whatever

Most websites ask that the passwords be alphanumeric. So just exchange some of the usual letters with numbers (ex. the number 3 for letter e, 1 for letter I or L). You can also swap the usual suspects with special characters (ex. the @ sign for the letter a). And finally, just add a number or so after the words (ex. MrsGosling123). Amazingly, some people also just add the characters !,@ and # after the words and in that exact sequence, too!

There are also the most commonly used passwords used: password and its variations (Password, P@ssword, Passw0rd, Password1, etc.), 123456, abc123, iloveyou, Monkey, and many others. Google “most common passwords” and you’ll get an updated list broken down per year.

Guessing passwords can be time-consuming. But if your intended victim is that predictable, it shouldn’t really take very long.

Hacking into a Facebook account doesn’t really require a lot of skills or brainpower. And now that you know how easy it can be, you should start learning how to thwart these hacking efforts as well.